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aC’s Pac-Man tips for Smash

since i’m the only person i’ve come across who mains Pac-Man, i figured i’d write up some hot tips in case anyone else wants to make this guy their main, too. he’s really good if you know how to use him at all so here’s hoping i can help someone out

  • your neutral B is kind of a charge shot type deal but it doesn’t work at all like Samus or Lucario’s, every one of those items works in a different way and you can’t resume charging once you interrupt it, so you’ve got to know each one inside and out
    • cherry: sucks, not even worth spamming because you can’t summon another item until the first disappears, ditch it first chance you get
    • strawberry; basically Mario’s fireball except it’s faster and its range isn’t quite as good, decent if you need just a quick projectile
    • orange: travels really fast for such a quick projectile, moves in a straight line, even deals better knockback than you’d expect (not gonna KO anything but it might keep a high-damage opponent out of your hair for a second or two
    • apple: another one like Mario’s fireball except it’s better in every way except it takes about a second to charge. might get some use out of it for edgeguarding since it sinks and bounces when you throw it
    • melon: travels in a slow arc but it deals way more knockback than you might think. this one could really see use in edgeguarding since its slow floatiness could make it a pain to dodge if you throw it just right
    • spaceship: flies out straight for a bit before looping back around and then flying diagonally forward and up. its weird trajectory makes it good for fucking with your opponent, flies at a decent clip too
    • …flan, maybe?: experiment with this one a bit in training, it has a weird flight path. it flies diagonally up a bit before falling back straight down. getting hit with this stuns your opponent and they’re hit with the knockback when it wears off. stun makes it really good if you can land it but it has such a weird path that it’s hard to
    • key: the key isn’t ALWAYS the best item to charge up to but it’s so good that you ought to charge to it when you have time. it flies straight ahead super-fast, it hits HARD, and it’ll plow right through weaker projectiles like they aren’t even there. you are going to get so many KOs from tossing this thing out at enemies trying to recover
  • Pac-Man’s ground game is decent, his normals are really reminiscent of Mario. don’t underestimate the range on his down smash and you’ll catch more than a few dodge-happy opponents. his down tilt is really fast but its range isn’t great and if you’re fighting someone small enough and they’re right up on you, it can actually phase THROUGH them without hitting them
  • careful with his up smash though, he has like NO horizontal range on it and if you’re just aiming to pop someone up into the air consider his up tilt instead, it does hit pretty hard though so if you can set it up, fire away
  • Pac-Man’s running attack covers a lot of ground, hits three times and the third hit isn’t going to KO anyone outside of ridiculous percentages but it DOES have decent enough knockback to set yourself up to edgeguard at KO range
  • Pac-Man has hands-down the shittiest grab in the game, imagine if Link took a second to fire his hookshot and it had two thirds the range and you’re close enough. the only good thing about it is that it does work like a standard grab if you’re right up on an enemy. back and up throws go furthest, forward does like almost no knockback at all, down does the most damage and sets up your running attack nicely
  • your up B is damn near worthless unless you really need vertical distance to recover; do it under the edge so you don’t leave yourself quite so open. remember that you can bounce off that trampoline twice for more height if you need it. it does have a few other uses though (like fucking with your opponent by leaving it around on the main stage where they can step on it and get launched into the sky) so maybe you shouldn’t totally write it off, just be aware that it only hits on the way up and i can’t even KO Mario with it on Wily’s Castle Omega at 200%
  • your side B, however, is fucking AMAZING. you can make a path for Pac-Man to follow with the dots, hold B to keep it going for a little longer or let it go early to launch yourself quick. it does a lot of knockback and i swear it has great priority, i’ve stuffed more than a few forward smashes recovering with this. you can only use your side B once in the air until you touch back down but you can use your up B too if you still need that last bit, so between these two moves Pac-Man is not likely to fall off the bottom of a stage
  • more about your side B: it does a shitload more damage and knockback if you hit your opponent during the speed boost right after grabbing the power pellet as opposed to while you’re eating the dots, so plan your route accordingly. if you get hit before you get to the power pellet it’ll drop as a food item, so keep that in mind
  • your down B is great for edge guarding, and not just because the water spurts can be a pain in the ass. get up high over your recovering opponent and drop a fire hydrant on their big stupid face and laugh. it hits really hard if you can launch it too but be sure to mess around with it in training to get its trajectory down. you can send it flying with an uncharged forward or down smash
  • Pac-Man’s aerial normals remind me a lot of Smash 64 Mario. neutral is a sex kick style attack that doesn’t last quite as long but is still pretty safe, forward and backward are pretty straightforward jump kicks (back air hits a lot harder though), up is a flip kick, down is a series of stomps that are kind of like Snake’s from Brawl but not as strong
  • not relevant in For Glory obviously but Pac-Man’s final smash is like Sonic’s except it’s easier to control and has a bigger hitbox but isn’t as fast and doesn’t hit as hard, so you’ll have to chase down your opponents for KOs

Pac-Man’s main killshots:

  • up smash
  • forward smash
  • back aerial
  • side B
  • down B
  • final smash

i’m not a super mlg pro with Pac-Man or anything but here’s a few tips i keep in mind when i’m playing him, anyway

still have yet to run into anyone else using Pac-Man in For Glory

plenty of Lucinas, finally got a couple Macs, fought a really good Sheik and got my ass handed to me by a Captain Falcon and a Luigi

but i’m the only Pac-Man player in the world apparently

Mario and Call of Duty… one series is the same game with minor changes again and again, a childish fantasy with an annoying fan base of obnoxious kids who think the games are perfect and the devs can do no wrong

the other involves goombas





mCAT: So this happened.

Woohoo, trivialization of autism and general ableist fuckery! Dear god, if “on the spectrum” becomes the new “special” I’m going to blow a fucking fuse. (also, “I’m autistic and I’m not offended!” people, go here. Also here.)

And this should be the definitive proof of Hussie doing something that he knows will upset and hurt people and not giving a single flying fuck about it.

im fucking sick of you peope ignoring this fucking dont

can someone please explain to me how two Autistic people joking around about being Autistic is ableist, cause???????



like, i’d get it if it was someone who’s verbal making fun of someone who’s non-verbal or something like that, but literally just “hey, you’re Autistic, right?” “most definitely.” “yeah, me, too. plus i have other developmental disorders, but we should stop talking about this or someone might blow it out of proportion.” “those people are on a whole other level.” that’s basically what i got out of it??? maybe saying “on a spectrum of their own” wasn’t appropriate wording, but it wasn’t even Hussie who said that???

idk, it just reminds me of when that person drew a comic about how they felt about their body and being fat, and someone called them horrible and accused them of body shaming, when they were literally just talking about how they felt personally about themselves. or like, thinking of it another way, would you call someone who’s non-cis transphobic for making a “gender of the day” post??? probably not.

tbh, i saw these tweets awhile ago, and was really happy, because i kinda had a feeling that Hussie was on the spectrum, and i thought the way he worded it was funny. it was sort of just “oh, i was right!! he is one of us!! cool!!” and, like, Autism comes with some difficulties, but i wouldn’t say that someone who’s Autistic joking around about it is in any way “trivializing.” i mean, especially considering that in popular media, it’s portrayed as some horrible disease that us poor people suffer from, and like.. ?????? sure, it’s tough sometimes, but chill out a bit.

as for being “i’m Autistic and i’m not offended,” i’m really not offended at all. but if you’re offended, that’s fine. you’re entitled to your own emotions, and they’re totally legit. but i disagree with you on a fundamental level. i don’t see how this is ableist, except maybe that last comment made by Joey Comeau. i don’t see how it trivializes being Autistic, or in any way being on any spectrum, except, again, maybe with that last comment. however, as a fellow spectrumite, i acknowledge that you’re upset, and that maybe your experiences with being Autistic are different from mine, so maybe you see this differently than i do, and that’s fine. all i ask is that you acknowledge that maybe these people’s experiences with being Autistic are also different from yours, and so they react to and talk about it differently than you might. that doesn’t mean they’re wrong or being horrible and ableist about it. it just means they experience it differently than you, and feel comfortable joking around about it.

Pretty much my opinion on the thing. Hussie asks someone something pretty damned politely, even making sure he notes that he hopes it isn’t too personal, then makes light of himself, something I and many of my friends with developmental disorders do as well. The last comment, not even from Hussie, seems to be the only thing here I could even glean disrespect from.

oh look, Calloutstuck getting mad at nothing again because they’re idiots

who could have forseen this? i mean, besides literally anyone

there’s literally nothing stopping you [from doing this thing that costs money]

people with money. only people with money

travelling the world, “dropping everything” and moving to another city/state/country, majoring in your liberal arts interest of choice, applying/going to your dream college/university, buying your dream house, working at your dream job, cultivating/building/guiding your own dreams, dreaming. living.

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