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capsep asked:

I have to disagree with thornheartcat. You should watch the original ending first because even tho it was limited by budget cuts and the directors spiraling depression, that's what makes it amazing what they did with it. And had it not ended that way EVA wouldn't be the franchise it is today. Watch the original then maybe the directors cut and maybe Death & Rebirth but DEFINITELY End of Evangelion.

sounds like a plan

Have you heard Marilyn Mansons 80s songs covers? His Tainted Love is just as good as the original

i didn’t know he did any covers other than Tainted Love because i was never huge into Marilyn Manson because i grew up in Kentucky and everyone old enough to have kids here when i was growing up was convinced he was the antichrist

but yeah his cover of Tainted Love was pretty great

tumblr gets mad about outright lies under the flimsiest of pretenses so often that if a post had photographic proof that gullible really was written on the ceiling i’d still check Snopes before i believed it


Vinesauce 2014 Charity Stream

Tomorrow, Saturday July 26th, will be hosting a charity stream for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. It’ll be a full day of streaming. We’ll be collecting donations for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. Stop by, watch our streams and help contribute to an amazing cause. Click the following link the schedule and donation incentives!

Vinesauce Charity Stream Schedule and Incentives

Thanks to MoofinSeeker for the amazing art!

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